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Biotechnology solutions



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Transforming The Future Of Global Innovation
Through Precision Fermentation 

Immobazyme's modular protein expression system that enables the production of food-grade versions of growth factors

Affordable. Sustainable. Innovative.

Enzyme immobilisation platform that enables the integration of high efficiency biocatalysts throughout a range of industrial environments
High-quality growth factors

Immobazyme is revolutionizing biotechnology.
We provide growth factors for the cultivated meat industry, enzymes for the sugar industry, and work with companies seeking to enhance their products through biotechnology.

By harnessing the potential of precision fermentation, we help businesses achieve their sustainability goals while delivering high-quality solutions that drive growth and profitability.

Our partners

Immobazyme is partnered with Innovus, who manages the University’s innovation and intellectual property portfolio through seeking relevant intellectual protection for the universities intellectual property
Immobazyme is partnered with The Univeristy Technology Fund (UTF) - a venture fund specifically focussed on commercialising technology, intellectual property, and research originating from South African Universities.
Immobazyme is a biotech spin-out company from Stellenbosch University. Immobazyme's partner
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