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Catalyzing Tomorrow's
Innovations Today

We're reimagining the future of food and pharmaceuticals, revolutionising industrial downstream processesing and reducing consumption with a bio-economy.


The Future is Now
for Precision Fermentation

Immobazyme specializes in the production of recombinant proteins through precision fermentation.

Precision fermentation is an innovative biotechnological process that marries traditional fermentation techniques with genetic modification.

Precision fermentation is transforming the industrial landscape, offering diverse applications across the food and biopharmaceutical industries. From crafting plant-based meat alternatives to developing essential drugs and vaccines, precision fermentation stands at the forefront of creating environmentally friendly and socially responsible products.

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Immobazyme has developed PepTrap, a novel enzyme immobilisation platform that enables the integration of high-efficiency biocatalysts throughout a range of industrial environments.

This unique platform enhances the native capabilities of the enzyme by improving its stability and overall efficiency. The PepTrap technology can be integrated into small-scale laboratory settings, as well as larger-scale industrial pipelines. This is achieved through its modular design, allowing the system to work in both fixed and rotating bed reactors.

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Immobazyme has developed a modular protein expression system that enables the production of food-grade versions of growth factors.


Our system provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for producing high-quality growth factors, making them more accessible to the industries that need them. 



We leverage the power of biotechnology to help advance your products through targeted contract research.


We focus on collaborative innovation in product development, enhancement, and waste valorization; ensuring targeted experimental design and clear communication. Each project is supported by a dedicated team, committed to precise, iterative optimization to achieve sustainable biotechnological solutions.

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