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Precision Fermentation

Precision Fermentation unlocks the full potential of fermentation, enabling the production of vitamins, antibodies, cytokines, organic acids, subunit vaccines and enzymes.

We reprogram microbes at a genetic level to become tiny molecular factories, encouraging them to produce highly specific, naturally identical molecules under highly controlled conditions.

Immobazyme has developed a modular precision fermentation system that enables the production of affordable and accessible recombinant proteins.

Enzyme Immobilization

PepTrap     is a novel enzyme immobilisation platform that enables the integration of high efficiency biocatalysts throughout a range of industrial environments.

This unique platform enhances the native capabilities of the enzyme by improving its stability and overall efficiency.



The PepTrap     technology can be integrated into small-scale laboratory settings, as well as larger scale industrial pipelines.

This is achieved through its modular design, allowing the system to work in both fixed, and rotating bed reactors.

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