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Immobazyme is a biotechnology spin-out company of Stellenbosch University that utilizes precision fermentation to produce high-value active protein ingredients.

Immobazyme specializes in the application of precision fermentation, a biotech process that uses microorganisms to produce high-value biological products, like growth factors and enzymes.


Immobazyme has harnessed these microscopic factories to produce solutions to revolutionize the cultivated meat and sugar industries.

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Our story

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Dominic Nicholas, MSc

Co-Founder & CEO

Dominic handles everything on the frontline for Immobazyme – from linking the company to investors, to setting up the technology roadmap, and everything in between.

Ethan Hunter.png

Ethan Hunter, MSc

Co-Founder & COO

Ethan handles Immobazymes operations and behind-the-scenes adminastration


Nicholas Enslin, MSc

Co-Founder & CTO

As Immobazyme's science and technology lead, Nick oversees most of the company's research and development projects


Gabriele Schoeman

Marketing Director

Gaby’s in charge of managing Immobazyme’s brand and linking us with potential partners and opportunities


Bongumusa Mthethwa, MSc

Junior Research Scientist


Melissa Stofberg, MSc

Junior Research Scientist


Nokulunga Maima, MSc

Junior Research Scientist


Yuchan Park, MSc

Junior Research Scientist

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